Christ and Life Today

Christ and Life Today

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by Fr. Bergius Wroblewski, OFM

In this polarized society many baptized Christians see Jesus as a historical figure but not as a living Person with whom we can communicate and imitate. Although the book is not a life of Christ, it does focus on the key events and teachings and their relevance to the issues of our day and age. Each chapter begins with an issue, a point of debate and depicts the event in Christ's life or teaching to enrich the conversation with a Christ-like viewpoint. That makes it possible to behave as Jesus did. For Jesus is the ICON who reveals what God is like and enables us, who were made unto His image, to become more and more Christ-like. 

This book authored by Fr. Sergius Wroblewski, OFM is the fruit of his pastoral experience in seeking to make Christ relevant to contemporaries. His great concern is to make Christians aware that Jesus is alive and that He has given us the Holy Spirit to shape us into His image so that we may become living witnesses, able to share "the riches of  Christ."  


222 pages