Debunking Angels and Demons  by Steven Kellmeyer

Debunking Angels and Demons by Steven Kellmeyer

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Paperback - 78 pages

Do Dan Brown's books leave you feeling faintly nauseous? Do you know enough history to know something is wrong, but not enough to put your finger on the problem? This book is for you! Debunking Angels and Demons is a handy pocket guide to dozens of the major problems in the bestselling book, soon to be a movie. Did you know that CERN was so upset with the "science" they set up a special web page section devoted to debunking Dan Brown's version of reality? Did you know tour guides throughout Rome take days to demonstrate the errors in the geography and architecture? Did you know theology and history instructors take days correcting his errors in those disciplines as well? This handy guide discusses dozens of major and minor problems in all these areas in a concise, easy to read format, divided into the various sections of human knowledge Dan Brown fudges. It's amazing how wrong one person can be...