Encyclopedia of Mary

Encyclopedia of Mary

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Hardcover: 334 pages  by Monica Dodds (Author), Bill Dodds (Author)

You will discover great depth in this one-of-a-kind Marian collection that draws upon Scripture, Theology, art, history, and literature. Complete and thorough, it contains everything from the secret revelation at Fatima to a description of the herb rosemary as one that has been associated with Our Lady since the Middle Ages.

Experience the true beauty and reach of our Blessed Mother in a way that no simple Internet search can provide. Whether you want to increase your knowledge of her life, have a better understanding of her reach and impact on the world, or simply ponder the grace of Our Lady while perusing the alphabetical listings, the Encyclopedia of Mary is for you.

Celebrate and discover Mary in this unique resource. Grow in your faith as you deepen your understanding and appreciation of our Blessed Mother.