Learning To Serve Illustrated (1961)  by Father Charles Carmody

Learning To Serve Illustrated (1961) by Father Charles Carmody

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Hardcover- 144 pages

It’s back: the popular illustrated guide for boys Tens of thousands of altar boys prior to Vatican II learned how to serve the old Latin Mass with the help of this easy-to-read book. Author Fr. Charles J. Carmody spent many years training Catholic boys in sanctuary and sacristy. Among its many features: Comprehensive: everything from the proper way to genuflect, to carrying the censer   the task is presented as a challenge and privilege a typical chapter is 4-5 pages, concise and to the point, ideal for learning Latin words are spelled out phonetically to aid in pronunciation the lessons are divided into three convenient sections: 1. how an altar boy should act – both in church and outside, 2. Latin lessons, 3. instructions on Mass rubrics listed at the end of each chapter are review questions to know, and things to do which reinforce the lesson cleanliness check, in appearance and speech, of benefit for all boys, servers or no knowledge of the Mass is aided by an outline and brief explanation of the various parts, including the differences in serving High and Low Masses a short tour of a church building and a list of sacred vestments, linens, vessels, and furnishings, with major items illustrated handy 20-page appendix includes, among other things, all the prayers and responses (with rubrics) of the Mass an altar boy needs to know reviews and checklists for easier learning simply stated but not puerile, the author expects the boys to learn proper terms, e.g., rite, rubric, breviary, pontifical, etc., and take responsibility This little gem was originally published in 1961, just before the major changes in the Mass set in. 25 short chapters, among them: A Catholic Boy’s Greatest Honor - Latin Department The Altar Boy Recites His Latin Correctly, Clearly, and With Certainty - Quia tu es Deus - The Church’s Five Colors The Alt