Overflow by Matt Maher

Overflow by Matt Maher

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A musical testament to God's overflowing blessings, these 14 songs speak powerfully of what it means to be Christian today.

Matt really cuts loose on "Everything You've Done." A celebration of God's gifts, it starts out innocently enough. But suddenly he doubles its two-beat rock tempo and you're whisked away on a breathless, thrilling ride that ends with a flurry of guitars and musical fireworks. You can't help but "dance for the Lord."

"Timeless" is a brilliant adaptation of Suzanne Toolan's "Jesus Christ, Yesterday, Today and Forever." Matt weaves the refrain from that haunting, Taizé-style song into his own lush, alternative-rock arrangement.

Two of the biggest surprises are "Come to the Water" and "Adoration." You just wouldn't expect to find "Tantum Ergo," a traditional eucharistic hymn, and a 1978 John Foley song here. But Matt pulls it off—and then some. His intense, electric, full-blooded versions take these classics to a new level—without squandering any of the original reverence.

With Overflow, Matt's visionary songwriting once again leads listeners closer to the heart of God.