The Great Adventure Catholic Bible RSV Second Edition by Jeff Cavins, Mary Healy, Andrew Swafford and Peter Williamson

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible RSV Second Edition by Jeff Cavins, Mary Healy, Andrew Swafford and Peter Williamson

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#1 Best-Selling Catholic Bible in North America. 

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The next reprint of the Bibles are not expected to ship until September 2021. Purchases are fulfilled in the order that they are received.  

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible makes the Holy Scriptures easy to understand and read. This is the only Bible that incorporates the The Great Adventure’s color-coded Bible Timeline learning system, a system that has made The Great Adventure Bible study resources the most popular and influential Bible study in the English speaking world. This is a game changer. There has never been another Bible like it.

This Bible, beyond all its teaching features, is a complete Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition

  • A full-color Bible with a beautiful eye-catching design
  • Each book of the Bible is color-coded with printed tabs for easy reference, indicating where it belongs within The Bible Timeline.
  • Twelve detailed Timeline charts provide a visual overview of the Bible, including: important characters, Key Events, geography, major covenants, world rulers, and contemporary events in secular history.
  • Fascinating articles that’ll help you understand the overarching story, as well as the major covenants of salvation history, showing God’s amazing plan for humanity.
  • Seventy Key Event call-outs provide a brief description of the milestones in the biblical narrative.
  • Includes sixteen gorgeous newly designed full-color maps that’ll help visualize Bible Story locations.
  • The words of Jesus are printed in red.
  • Jeff Cavins had the privilege to work with the most talented Bible Scholars; Mary Healy, Andrew Swafford and Peter Williamson to create this bible.
  • Blue Flex Leather
  • Contains both the complete Old Testament and New Testament Scritures. Judith, Wisdom of Solomon, Sirach (Ecclesiasticus), Baruch, Tobit, 1 Maccabees, and 2 Maccabees since these both have always been accepted in the Catholic Church, especially since they were codified by St. Jerome at the First Council of Constantinople in A.D. 381, under Pope Damascus. St. Jerome later translated these scriptures into Latin from the Vulgate in the year 400. Pope Damascus desired a Universal Language and choose Latin. 
  • Personal - Read it on your own to grow closer in your relationship with God and develop a deeper appreciation for His Word.
  • Bible studies at parishes or in small groups - Use it in conjunction with The Great Adventure Bible Timeline for an even more in-depth group study!
  • Schools, religious education, and youth groups - Teach from this Bible to help students understand the connections between the readings and the Catholic faith as a whole.
  • Gift for a child, grandchild or a Confirmation present - Pass along the gift of faith and understanding to someone else in your life!

Color-Coded learning System
21 Explanatory Articles
19 Helpful Charts
70 Key event Call-Outs
16 Full-Color maps
Words Of Jesus In Red
Alpha Cowhide Cover (like Royal Blue)
2 Ribbon Markers

Contributors to this Bible include Jeff Cavins, Mary Healy, Andrew Swafford, Peter Williamson, and Fr. Sebastian Carnazzo.  

The Great Adventure Bible is now the best selling Christian Bible in North America.

Catholics are sending a clear message with this: We do love the Bible.

The Bible originated from the Catholic Church. It was hand-printed on parchment paper by the early monks and was safeguarded throughout the centuries, especially during the Middle Ages, when these holy monks who would lay down their lives to protect the Bible from heretics who wanted to destroy it. 

And the reason this Bible has become so overwhelmingly popular is because it is the Catholic Bible that teaches you how to read it.  

The articles that explain the historic and symbolic context are giving Catholics an understanding of scripture they've never had before. 

The paper is thick (not onion-skin-thin).

The full-color sacred artwork is prayerful and contemplative, not distracting.

The color coding system helps Catholics immediately understand the context of the book the are reading. (This is the only Bible in the world that incorporates the Bible Timeline system.) 

The scholars who worked on this printing, such as former EWTN host Jeff Cavins, are passionate, dedicated Catholics who truly believe the Bible is the Word of God. Rather than leaving you puzzled or uncertain, reading their commentary will bolster your faith and make you feel more confident about explaining your beliefs to others.