The Life of Mary - Aquinas Kids Picture Book

The Life of Mary - Aquinas Kids Picture Book

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Paperback: 32 Pages:

Who is the Blessed Virgin Mary? She is the lovely young lady from Nazareth, who became the mother of Jesus and our spiritual Mother.

In these pages, children will meet Joseph, Mary's strong and faithful husband, and travel with the Holy Family to Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and back home to Nazareth. They will accompany Mary and her son Jesus to the wedding at Cana, and stand with her in her sorrow as He dies on the cross. Young readers will rejoice with Mary in the Resurrection, accompany her for the feast of Pentecost, and watch in joy as she is assumed into heaven and crowned Queen of heaven and earth.

Parents, grandparents, and all who care for children will enjoy this beautifully illustrated new classic.