Voice From On High

Voice From On High

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Imagine the story of Scripture as a grand oratorio performed on the stage of the universe. God is the Composer, the Holy Spirit is the Conductor, and the Liberating King is the Vocalist.

George Frideric Handel created one of the best-known choral pieces in history, Messiah. The Voice from on High draws its inspiration from this masterpiece.

Using passages from Handel’s Messiah, the story of the long-awaited Liberating King, Jesus, is woven together. Beginning with creation in Genesis and moving through the Bible to the climax in Revelation, The Voice from on High juxtaposes the Old Testament passages with their fulfillments found in the New Testament.

Along with the 7 songs on the accompanying CD, the drama of the redemption of God’s people is retold from 51 passages of Scripture.


  • Relax and discover the Liberator foretold by the prophets.
  • Listen and experience 7 original songs from Songs From the Voice, Vols. 1 and 2, taken from The Voice translation of the Bible.
  • Embrace and enjoy a retelling of the Scriptures by more than a dozen songwriters, artists, and writers including Chris Seay, Brian McLaren, Leonard Sweet, and Lauren Winner.
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This book is written for the express purpose of being one part of a complete multisensory experience. So… put on your headphones, read the book, contemplate the art, and hear the Voice.


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