60 Days to Becoming a Missionary Disciple by Fr. John Bartunek

60 Days to Becoming a Missionary Disciple by Fr. John Bartunek

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Love of God and neighbor: Jesus says this is the greatest commandment . . . which means that it s also your personal mission a mission these pages will help you to fulfill.

Praying through just one of its 60 short, singularly potent chapters each day will usher you through a two-month-long spiritual retreat. It s guaranteed to increase your knowledge of God, to intensify your love for Him, and to cultivate within you the steadfast virtues of a missionary disciple, able and eager to lead others to that same knowledge and love.

Are there greater gifts you can receive? And then pass on to your neighbors?

Masterfully combining Bible passages and Church teachings with practical directions, Fr. John Bartunek, author of the best-selling book The Better Part, here serves as your personal 60-day retreat master. He shows you how to overcome the inevitable spiritual obstacles you ll face, how to nurture your holy desires so that they become stronger and more vibrant, and how to concentrate every element of your soul and personality in service of loving God and neighbor.

Among other things, he also shows you:

  • What it truly means to be in Christ, and how that sublime state of soul can be yours
  • How to become conscious of the presence and action of the Holy Spirit in every moment
  • What you must do now to let God bring full spiritual maturity to your mind, your emotions, and your will
  • How to properly manage the roller coaster of everyday life
  • How to regulate your spiritual growth prudently, so as to avoid missteps and burnout even as you work tirelessly to bring others to Christ
  • And much more to equip you to love God and your neighbor as an inspired and enthusiastic missionary disciple!