A Biblical Walk Through The Mass by Edward Sri

A Biblical Walk Through The Mass by Edward Sri

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A Biblical Walk through the Mass Book by Dr. Edward Sri

The Catholic Mass is the center of our faith as Catholics. Every day, we celebrate it. All of the responses are known to us. All of the gestures are familiar to us. But do we understand what it all means?

Dr. Edward Sri takes us on a unique tour of the liturgy in A Biblical Walk Through the Mass. Based on the revised translation of the Mass, this book delves into the scriptural foundations of the liturgical words and movements and reveals their profound importance. This fascinating study into the Catholic Mass will undoubtedly reinvigorate your faith and increase your love to the Eucharist.
This book is used as the text for A Biblical Walk Through the Mass Study Program, but it may also be purchased separately.

"I have been a priest for 47 years. I love celebrating Mass, but it can sometimes be a bit humdrum after so many thousands of celebrations. Dr. Sri opened my mind and heart to the richness of the Mass that I was never taught in all my theological formation (which includes a Doctor of Ministry degree)."

-Fr. Robert Wheelock