Doubleday Pocket Bible Guide  by Linda L Grenz

Doubleday Pocket Bible Guide by Linda L Grenz

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Beginning with answers to questions like, "What is the Bible?", the guide gives highlights of each biblical book.  It introduces several ways to read and study Scripture and supplies thumbnail sketches of well-known people and places in the Bible, for a better understanding of the biblical world.  An indispensable Glossary of Key Terms defines Scripture's most common words and concepts.  And for those interested in history, a Timeline situates the Bible in its place in history--from the dawn of civilization through the end of the first century A.D.  Similarly, five Maps of Bible Lands place biblical events in geographic context.  Readers find personal comfort and enrichment in the sections for Finding Help in the Bible and the Complete Revised Common Lectionary.  An annotated list of Tools for Bible Study rounds out this amazing companion to the Bible--it unlocks the treasures of the Bible.