Father, My Father by Brenda Fontaine

Father, My Father by Brenda Fontaine

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  Father, my Father is Brenda’s personal collection of poems and stories, teachings she would like to pass on to future generations. Not afraid to express her opinion on controversial subjects, Brenda speaks out on various current political, social, and spiritual issues. Also included are accounts of a variety of personal experiences. A prolific poet, Brenda has also selected some favorite poems to share with her readers. 


Father, my Father is Brenda’s seventh book since she made her debut as an author in 2009 with the first of her Babs Adventure Series, Stranger at the Creek. Her other books in the Babs Adventure Series are Storm on the Lake and Christmas on the Trapline. The chapter books are about a Cree girl growing up in the 1950’s and are published by Goldrock Press.

Also published by Goldrock Press are two children’s Cree picture books. Pipon contains words and phrases in the Cree language on the topic of winter. Sekwan contains words and phrases in the Cree language on the topic of spring.

A novel titled Tyranny in our Times was published by Word Alive Press. Additionally Fontaine has contributed stories and poems to all six of the Northern Writers anthologies, and First Nation Christian Writers volume 1 and 2 (published by Goldrock Press).  

Brenda has also had articles published in Urban NDN, North Roots, First Nations Voice, and Maranatha News.