Lazarus Of Bethany by  E. Ann McIntyre

Lazarus Of Bethany by E. Ann McIntyre

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Paperback: 280 pages: by E. Ann McIntyre

The Gospel of John tells us Jesus [Yeshua] loved him and the Lord wept over the loss of his friend. What we cannot glean from the Gospels is how Jesus and Lazarus came to know each other. They share a love for God, each in his unique way. Yeshua's way is somewhat of a puzzle to Lazarus, as he puts it; "I was from the traditional school of Jewish teachings; Yeshua was from his own school." Yeshua's unorthodox pronouncements strain their friendship. Journey with Lazarus as his life intertwines with the life of Yeshua of Nazareth. The two boys grow-up in an occupied state. They live in a dangerous world. Discover both the personal and spiritual journey of the Man from Bethany, who thought he knew the Man from Nazareth. Two men, two deaths, two resurrections. Enemies of the truth seek to destroy them both.