Lectio: Eucharist

Lectio: Eucharist

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The Last Supper. Communion. The Great Feast. Bread and Wine. The Holy Eucharist.

Jesus said, “This is my Body” and, “This is my Blood.” Some say they’re merely symbols of remembrance. Others say they’re really the Body and Blood of Christ, but can’t explain how that’s possible. The Eucharist is the center-point of the Mass–but why?

Watch a sample of Eucharist: Discovering the Mass in the Bible now.

The answers are here. Renowned teacher Dr. Brant Pitre guides us through Scripture, history, and Church teaching to illuminate the wonder and miracle of the Eucharist. With deep insight, Dr. Pitre gives a fresh perspective for understanding the mystery that is the Eucharist.

This five-DVD set features ten episodes with over seven hours of video presentation filmed at the studios of the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado.

Episode Listing:

1. Source and Summit: Introducing the Eucharist (38 minutes)
2. In the Beginning: Garden of Eden and Sacrifice (45 minutes)
3. Lamb of God: The Sacrifice of Isaac and the Passover Lamb (47 minutes)
4. Miracles of Exodus: Manna and Water (42 minutes)
5. Mysteries of the Tabernacle: The Bread of the Presence (47 minutes)
6. Miracles of Jesus: Water, Wine, Loaves, and Fishes (45 minutes)
7. Bread of Life Discourse: John 6 and the Real Presence (46 minutes)
8. The Last Supper and the Cross: The New Passover of Christ (48 minutes)
9. The Mass: Emmaus and the Mystery of the Eucharist (45 minutes)
10. Revelation: Heavenly Worship and the End of Time (45 minutes)