Living With Infertility: A Christian Perspective by Rosemary Morgan

Living With Infertility: A Christian Perspective by Rosemary Morgan

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A heartfelt and compassionate guide for couples going through the heartbreak of infertility to healing and discovery of the many ways couples can give of themselves.

The pain and anguish of infertility has torn and wounded the hearts of many couples. Left bewildered and angry, they often question God’s presence in the midst of their suffering.

As one who has lived with the agony of infertility, Rosemary Morgan compassionately explores the issues couples experience with honesty and understanding. She guides and walks with couples as they find new ways of caring for each other, strengthening their marriage and deepening their relationship with God. Ultimately, Morgan helps couples discover the many life-giving ways they can give of themselves to the world.

An introduction by Moira McQueen for Catholic Readers gives the needed Catholic context to these issues.

Rosemary Morgan is a highly-acclaimed author and speaker living in the United Kingdom. Her writings and talks draw upon her own experience of living with infertility and her spiritual journey.

Dr. Moira McQueen is the Director of the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute and a professor of moral theology at the Toronto School of Theology. She is interested in the interdisciplinary aspects of theology, law and medicine as they apply in daily life. She is the author of Bioethics Matter: A Guide for Concerned Catholics (Revised edition, Novalis 2012).