Nipin by Cam Robertson

Nipin by Cam Robertson

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Nîpin – “It is summer” – introduces children age 5-10 to basic Cree phrases about summer including the hot sun, thunderclouds, little puppies, frogs singing, children picking berries, and other delights of the season. Vivid photos depict real objects for easy identification. Nîpin is a valuable instructional tool for Cree language teachers, and parents who would like to help their children learn the Cree language. 

The author, Cam Robertson is Ininew (Cree) from Norway House but is currently residing in Winnipeg.

He has a Facebook Page: ##Ininîmowin_Cree_Project _Forgotten Soldier in which he posts Cree words or phrases every day. His goal with this website is to promote the Cree language and teach the young ones how to speak the language. Cam is an Indigenous Ininimowin storyteller..

He feels strongly about saving Indigenous languages and maintaining the roots of his culture.