Running With Priscilla by Dennis McCormack

Running With Priscilla by Dennis McCormack

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Running with Priscilla is a great love story written in the classical tradition. Lessons are learned and shared with the reader.

Love at first sight is not some fairy tale. There comes a time when the right person enters the heart and changes one forever. This relationship is supernatural. Love and courtship change our experience of life forever. We are not masters of the art of love. Love seeks us out, bringing a new message to our lives, marked by habit and getting too much of a good thing year after year without effort.

Justin, a bungling idiot, thinks he can experience love without commitment and suffering. He learns that he must make a commitment and cannot run away from Priscilla without consequences to his soul.

Priscilla, saint to many, must deal with a man of selfish tastes. Time is on her side, but choices in romance must be made.
Women are teachers of love through cheerfulness, appearance, word, correction, and silence, yet man must pick and Priscilla must say yes to Justin’s offer of love.

Heaven is close to earth in this story. We are born into a world that came before we experienced meaning. The world of the senses is filled with the material side of life, which is of heaven. Even those we meet have one foot in God’s home.

Without love, our brains do not work right. That is why most people say they would rather have someone who truly loves them than a fifty-million-dollar prize. Love is even chosen over eyesight. Loving the faces we know is more important than seeing them.