Servants of All: A History of the Permanent Diaconate  by Michael Power

Servants of All: A History of the Permanent Diaconate by Michael Power

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Paperback - 256 pages

Servants of All brings together the history of the permanent diaconate as it was resurrected by the Second Vatican Council, then looks at a particular example of how the hopes of the Council Fathers bore fruit in Toronto, Canada’s largest Catholic diocese.

The book traces the roots for the diaconate found in early Scriptures and the Church Fathers, along with pre-Vatican II movements to restore the diaconate as a third level of ordained ministry.

This informative and thorough book looks at the global history of the diaconate but its primary focus is on how the diaconate developed in the Archdiocese of Toronto – the first diocese in Canada to adopt the permanent diaconate after its approval by Pope Paul VI.

Michael Power has an MA from the University of Windsor and an MLS from the University of Western Ontario. He lives in Welland, Ontario and is the author of numerous articles and 16 books including Singular Vision: The Founding of the Catholic Church Extension Society of Canada 1908 to 1915 (Novalis 2013), A History of the Roman Catholic Church in the Niagara Peninsula 1615-1815, Goaded to Madness: The Battle of Slabtown and a History of Catholic Education in Ontario.